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WarpedTV Returns

WarpedTV Returns After a 12 year hiatus that debuted on YouTube comes back with mixed up, glitched up, fucked up WarpedTV. No longer confined by evil corporate social media platforms trying to control the world of Internet media, WarpedTV has found a new home in NegativityCulture.Com's universe. WarpedTV features a mixture of music, movies, TV and some of the odd and interesting stuff from their personal collection of media as well as classics you may not have seen before. All content should be considered "adult" and some clips are used for analytical and educational purposes of our viewers to take what they can from them as they expose a world of warped contexts, Satanic panic and exaggeration.

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The Political Party

The Political Party "The Political Party" is a series outlining the truth about political parties, behaviours of those who support them and the corruption behind the red, white and blue curtain. Whether described as "Left", "Right", "Liberal", "Conservative", "Democrat", "Socialist", etc, there is no party that will be favoured in this series as all sides have turned upside down on their heads and have begun acting as if no older than grade school children while the business of evil corporate and political dicks continues to breath just fine. It doesn't matter who is in office, the business will never stop.

So How Could It Be So Wrong?

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Fuck These Websites

These Sites Fucking Suck This series will criticize the power of the largest websites on the Internet that have seemingly gripped society by the throat and what types of techniques they use to keep you addicted to these sites. While we see no problem with technically using them, there is a big difference between social media use and addiction.. allowing it to scalp your personality and opinions when they are driven in such a way that it changes who you are or if it replaces actual learning and personal growth with mudslinging and narcissism. You are merely data to these websites, data for sale, nothing more. The more you add, the more you share (sell) with any corporation that's interested in you, as data.

How Could You Feed This Garbage?

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Fuck Television

Fuck TV Here we cover the power of television still present in a near all Internet era. Plenty of personalities for decades have been warning people of what television can actually do to you even as far back as the movie "Network" in 1976 and more. The large difference these days is the programming has been dumbed down and crafted to make people apathetic as their IQ starts to nosedive turning them into mindless zombies snacking on their couching watching idiots vye for the idea of "love" or a cash prize while utterly humiliating themselves on a National scale. People champion the participants on these shows on social media to the point of obsession. Everywhere you "turn the dial" there is some form of puppet playing you for the idiot you're becoming or have become and it's all part of a special formula they've developed over the history of television.

Unplug The Unit

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People You Like Are Actually Awful

Internet Personas Let's face it, if you see it or not the majority of people you watch aren't people but brands, personas, fakes trying to rake you in as a subscriber, viewer or listener. People idolize these jerks as if they are biblical figures. Not one of them could give a single fuck about you in spite of their pleas to understand how much they care, be it speaking to you specifically through the screen, chiming in during awful disasters or suicides of famous folks. These people have ruined every platform they infect with their fake personalities and selling of their own souls for the sake of a few bucks. They've made the template that many follow for what consistutes entertainment and in effect have ruined the idea of independent media having any sort of original image. Corporations favour this and want everybody to fall into this robotic category and dance like the puppets they've become and in turn, they puppeteer you to dance with them into a pot of stupid stew. Emotion is a PR tool for these people.

Stop Making Douchebags Famous

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These Things Are Fucking Horrible

These Things Fucking Suck Modern technology has gripped people in a way that no scare tactic in the past has ever imagined, in fact it's not a scare tactic anymore but a fact that technology today owns people's minds and figurative balls. Destroyed are things like social interaction, learning, researching or even eating a meal without checking the mobile device chained to your dick.. likely several times in between that meal. Rejecting these things will have you labeled a Luddite by those who have no intention of disconnecting but the truth is the Luddites were effectively resisting progress and this isn't progress. We had it better than this and it wasn't through advanced levels of convinence and addiction to apps. The movement is so calculated that they know exactly how to push your buttons to advance your addiction through these devices. They even spy on your private lives and nobody seems to care. Never before has technology took so much from you.

Take Back Your LIVES

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Escape The Bullshit!!

Digging Out Of This Shit This is a series that offers solutions and suggestions to try to break free of the shit stew that the mainstream is offering currently. This series will focus on unplugging from mobile life, getting back what they can take from you and moving on with your life with you in full or at least more control.

Embrace The Alternative

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