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This site's main focus is not to spread a negative culture but to change it. The negativity built up in today's society has made our staff feel negative about it. There is a lot of pitfalls and lies misleading you down a flushing toilet with the rest of the trash participating and creating this mess. Our staff is tired of sitting back and watching greedy fuckbags get rich off misery, fears and paranoia that they push even if it's largely bullshit while they rake in cash and watch the fallout. Building profit off a society willing to walk off a cliff like lemmings has to stop. We feel that the common person is unequiped to battle the amount of sheer shit that is out there. It's too much, overly promoted and jammed down your throat. We hope that once you realize the small things and the big things, you can unplug from this system and go on with your life.

Most topics are not extensively researched on this site. For example, we did not watch a season of "The Bachelorette" in order to properly really "dig in" to the show. We smelled the shit from miles away. After taking a good look at how things are going you'll find that the scent of shit is easy to detect, be it TV, film, video games, tech, politics, "famous" people, what have you. Society has a horrible stench of stupid and it's surrounded with garbage willing to recruit you into their world of utter shit and become a miserable fat bastard. Some writing is based on personal experience with individuals or groups. Comedic liberties are taken but by no means assume that this site is joking or satire when you see comedic hyperbole. It's not. The read is suppose to be simultaneously funny and also hitting the right notes. The majority of the writing are straight rants. We swear a lot.

Lead Writer

Director of Operations / Owner

This is the SUPREME LEADER of NegativityCulture.Com. The concept was built upon social observations and a desire to attempt to change things from atop of this mountain. If you are shit no labels or even fame will save you from being called a piece of shit. Enjoys 80's and 90's stuff, hardcore, metal and punk music but also 50's and 60's classic rock. Could do without the 70's, 2000's and 2010's.. 2020's aren't looking much better. Enjoys things that define fun, corny, and odd. Can't stand mainstream sports but likes American Gladiators and GUTS. Misses when MTV was good. Massive collector of media and video games. No kids. Engineer, musician, builder of things. Enjoys fashion and hates flip-flops and people that wear them. Doesn't respect people who don't respect themselves. Mistaken for a Republican and a Democrat because people are stupid and reactionary.

NegativityCulture.Com Staffer

Monican Staff Writer / Gun Polisher

Writer, gun toter. Joined the team because there was some anti-government shit going on. Writes with rage and anger like everybody else here. That's why we were interested. Curls hair perfectly. Enjoys long boots, plyometrics, gymnastics and shooting shit. Rebellious, short tempered around stupid people.

NegativityCulture.Com Staffer

Majin Tween / Staticbender

An eternal soul trapped in the static of oblivion, a mixture of empathy and sociopathy will fuel these rage filled rants of frustration at what the world has allowed itself to become. From, this forgotten mall goth seeks to embrace and reignite a subculture that society left behind.

Hate Mail Reader

Julie Winters / Hate Mail Reader

Send all hate and bullshit to
Replies are optional, mocking you could be an inevitability. Doesn't actually care what you have to say but will read it as it is her job to do so.

Before You Ask Something Stupid

Q: Why do you not have your OWN photos on this page?
A: Firstly, fuck you. Secondly, if you did two seconds of research we're not hard to find.
Q: What's the deal with Twitter?
A: We were banned in 7 tweets by Twitter admins for likely criticising Jack. We do not currently have social media.
Q: Why do you swear so much?
A: Each article is written as a straight rant. It's the words in the writer's head at the moment. There is no pressure to write in some generic "journalistic" manner. Fuck that shit.
Q: What's with the website design?
A: We're sick of lame, usual, WordPress, run in the mill, blindingly white website designs. We went with something original. It has a feel of old with some powers of new. It's inspiration is of the old Apple green phosphor monitors.
Q: Are you feminists?
A: No and they are not free of criticism here.
Q: Are you conspiracy theorists?
A: No and they are not free of criticism here.
Q: What if you are wrong?
A: If corporations and the Internet was run by puppies and kittens you might be right, we'd probably be wrong. Instead it's run by greedy money hoarding capitalists that don't give a fuck about you, their employees or anybody but their elite class circlejerk.
Q: Do you have Facebook or YouTube?
A: No. We're not welcome there and we don't give a fuck, they are the deepest of shitholes.
Q: Are you hiring?
A: No, but you may submit writing for review by the Supreme Leader at
Q: Would you advertise my business?
A: Depends, are you a corporate toad? Submit it for review by the Supreme Leader at We welcome business but have no interest in this site being plagued by the usual corporate dickweeds that'd attempt to control our content for money. If you have an independent business that can handle the content being pumped out here then your submission can be considered. Disregard this consideration completely if you could be considered unhealthy to our visitors. (ex: G-Fuel, energy drinks, weight loss products).