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Braindead TV For Braindead People

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: July 25, 2019

What's more pathetic than reality TV? Reality TV fans. Much akin to a zombie; these dinks are likely found on the couch mindlessly watching these programs while blindly jamming the closest crunchy bagged snack into their mouth until the entire bag is gone. For over 20 years this genre of "entertainment" has gone into a tailspin until something that might resemble dignity is completely evaporated. Commonly these shows will cast the most vapid doucheholes and put them into a single house with an open bar (often not illustrated completely on TV) and film these people embarrassing themselves on a national scale.

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bawwwww haw haw It's amazing to me what these jerks will put themselves through to try to be a "Reality TV star". They'll do ANYTHING for a moment and their 15 minutes. So stupid is this programming that it charms it's audience with it's ridiculousness as people who only care for themselves fall over each other for the crown of being the "winner". Often battling it out for money or "love" these productions often mostly focus on the contestants pathetic behaviours. Sadly these behaviours often transfer to the viewer as well, unaware that these shows brainwash them into thinking this is OK behaviour. These shows have become like a religion for their biggest fans. I wonder sometimes if these shows are responsible for so many adults (even teachers) ending all their sentences with the sound as if it were a question. This type of speaking was mocked before reality TV, now a norm.

Hosts From Hell Aware or not, the contestants are greeted to these smarmy dickheads for hosts that'll often hype the show to the moon for only lackluster moments after the commercial. It's practically a ritual. Everything is touted as a huge moment but it's often just more drivel. Somehow season after season the fans of this shit fall for it. They don't seem to care that none of these moments are particularly spectacular or entertaining. They seem elated to have something to watch that makes them feel above everybody on the TV.

Fake Love As far as dating these people, much less marrying them, I wouldn't spray a shitty squirt out of my ass to save their lives if they were on fire. The idea of them multiplying is just sickening. I could imagine the absolute hellspawns these morons could make with their worthless DNA. That isn't the truth though eh? These "love" based shows leave out complicated details that a lot of fans aren't aware of. After the show is wrapped up filming the two "winners" don't get to see each other until the show is done AIRING. So there is a great space between winning and a televised final episode. Even if love were really on the table, often contestants are dating somebody else or unable to "recreate the magic" of TV once they meet up again. Most reality TV show contestants do not date, much less marry after the show. The producers don't actually care about this because the juice is in the journey of humiliation and trail of drunken sobbing. Hilariously even a few times production crew has had sex with contestants, even been caught and fired for their actions.

Big Shit The more competitive shows are dick and balls too. They can't manage to focus on the competitive nature of the show but still the lame drama and stupid behaviour of it's contestants with a dash of horrific reality TV show host like the grating voice of Julie Chen. If a show like Big Brother could manage to focus on running through mazes with walls of dildos that shoot oatmeal at the competitors they might be on to something but instead it's all about the backstabbing, "alliances" and beach bodies with a mix of inappropriately ugly fat asses in the middle. It's actually been a good while since American TV has had a good game show circuit because of the prevalence and popularity of this shit stew called "Reality TV".

Double Dare We had a great formula for game shows in the past. Focused on a variety of things like questions and competition, typically not drama but if so it was comical like "Love Connection" which is basically "What if video dating services was played out on TV?", not physical looks and backstabbing. The adult circuit duked it out for mostly modest amounts of cash and prizes. Even kids had a great game show circuit. Hell, Double Dare is a GREAT game show, Marc Summers is the fuckin MAN. Legends of the Hidden Temple, Finders Keepers, GUTS was a great competitive alternative sport's game show, Nick Arcade was good, could've used polishing but good, Get The Picture and mutha fuckin VIDEO POWER. Video Power This shit here.. mutha fuckin VID-EO POW-ER.. what a fun gem. The fuck is wrong with American TV these days? You can only make reboots, horrible shows, game shows are dead as fuck except for some classics like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and The Price Is Right.. which is fine and well but the selection was so much better before and even if they did try to rebuild the game show circuit.. they'd fuck it up, like usual. The Double Dare reboot wasn't even that good, they had to bring Marc Summers back to save this show's face cuz the YouTube recruited host they picked LIKELY sucked so fucking bad during pre-production tests they NEEDED Marc but were committed (by contract) to the YouTube retard. By the time the season was half way Marc was hosting the damn thing in Round 2. They literally switched. What the fuck. Just let Marc do his fucking job, he IS the host. She could've been a dime store version Robin Russo (then Marella). Fuck... we had it good.

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