Negativity Culture

Celebrities Suck

Written By: Human Raccoon
Date: Jun 7, 2021

Apparently "We Love You Elon" is trending on Twitter right now. Because you morons would rather suck off a literal billionaire who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire rather than anyone who actually has your best interest at heart and wants to utilize what little they have for your benefit. It's honestly stomach churning how fucking ridiculous you people are.

I'm at the point now where I realize that to a certain extent, trying to do good for others isn't worth it. Nobody appreciates it. The system won. You gawk at celebrities who do nothing but jerk themselves off in public and ignore your friends who are suffering. I guarantee you all know people who are going through mental health struggles and you treat them like lepers. But you get some attractive idiots cosplaying as superheroes in front of a green screen every couple months and you act like God himself just shot a fat load into your mouth. God wouldn't waste his cum on you or this world. You're all Nintendogs that some kid lost interest in but you won't die because you're not programmed to.

My real frustration comes in seeing people unwilling to help themselves. No matter how angry or upset I get, it's like a mother's anger. I feel frustrated in watching people blindly loving selfish succubi playing a neverending money game. You give to people who already have everything and stomp on people while they're trying to pull themselves up, because for some reason the audacity to want to make something more of yourself when you're already nothing is insulting to people. They wait for the system to tell them who to root for.

Another issue is the whole niche-internet-microcelebrity thing. You've got people who just glomb onto social media trends and memes to boost an artificial audience and the general public will clap like autistic seals. They might as well laying on the ground with their mouth open waiting for Jeff Bezos to drop a log on their tongue. Or a penis shaped rocket. Either way.

When you clap for mediocrity, that's all you'll ever get. Raise your standards if you want those who offer you things to raise theirs. Or just let everything continue to suck ass. There's that option too. Mainstream culture hasn't evolved in over a decade and everyone's fine with it. You get what you ask for.

Do you ever get tired of watching people huff their own farts?

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