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The Homosexual / Transgender Agenda

Written By: A Monican Spy
Date: Nov 30, 2019

Doctor Know-It-All Is my problem with the "homosexual or transgender agenda"? No, of course not. It's big fucking target time! My problem is with the people who use these phrases because they are a garden variety of stupid people who survive on belief over facts no matter how much they tout facts over feelings. This group of people acts like the Bill Nye the Science Guy of biology but nothing you'll hear from them has been relevant in decades and it's inconvenient for them to admit any advancements that does not specifically cater to THEIR biology and THEIR sensitivities and THEIR feelings. Nothing else matters under the sun of facts or statistics if it tramples what they believe and forces a change in how they'd have to deal with those facts.

Reese Jeesies These people are so threatened by this small minority of people they ACTUALLY think they are "destroying America". At this point, I wouldn't even care. What is "America" right now that doesn't need rebuilding? What do you do before you rebuild? You plow over it. I've even seen a Facebook group denouncing public schools so we can have all private Christian schools, because you know.. America needs that single-relgion life, not at all an agenda they're trying to "shove down your throat". They'd NEVERRRR do that! I've thought for awhile that nobody thinks of gay sex more than a straight white Christian man. They'll call this a "War on Christianity" but much like this pack of genuflecting buttlickers that want less government in their lives the LGBT groups want less of THEM in their life, but that's inconvenient to them. They wouldn't have a cause and cry to bitch about so their small meaningless life would be smaller and more meaningless without the war against the false dilemma like LGBT rights destroying the fibre of a nation that is so divided that this is even a topic at all.

My core issue with this group is actually quite simple because I see it's reasoning so often but they have this idea that mistreated minority groups should fall into this bucket of "enough rights". They have "enough" and they'll "never be happy" when we give them more rights because they'll keep asking for "MORE rights".

The Asshole Formula Let's go down the asshole formula here

  • 1. You're free! What are you complaining about?!
  • 2. You can work! What are you complaining about?!
  • 3. You can vote! What are you complaining about?!
  • 4. You can get married! What are you complaining about?!

Gay Agenda It doesn't matter to these people that THEIR rights have allowed them to live life to the fullest and other groups haven't had the same essentials that America and Americans are suppose to stand for. The majority of these jackwagons have no perspective. They don't see it as a game where there are groups of people that need to catch up to their level but when people start to gain an inch that they are losing one even if their own gain in the game is so far ahead due to years of enforcement of maintaining the most power in our society. Live and let live is far beyond their reach at this point as when they see a LGBT flag they're so devistated like they're coming for something FROM them rather than demanding the game be played on an even playing field. They cannot handle a fair game, they want the upperhand, the advantage and the power. They go on tirades that if these groups get more rights they'll use them for pervesion and cherry pick an individual story they can blame on the entire group no matter how nonsensical it is to do that and how they demand to not be treated similar. It would be like using that story about the Duggar family which was marred in controversy about pedophilia and pinning it to Christians in general. Pedo Alert! Would you be shocked if I told you they defended Josh Duggar's actions? That they minimized the trauma a victim can have and minimized the definition of rape to continue to glorify a Christian reality TV show? Well, they did. They'll go to any length to create the false dilemma that the LGBT crowd would do the same without any handy evidence available that this is a widespread behaviour and naming people pedophiles, rapists, perverts for the sake of doing it when their own base's track record maintains the lion's share of accusation and criminally charged individuals. This is the byproduct of people who's engine runs on belief, not facts, but feelings. Don't be these people. They ruin America, which isn't just for white Christian individuals. It's a land of opportunity and people without those opportunities become in need and the more in need the more the system has to support them, so you'll just be on about more topics you can't handle very well like caring for the needy. Just stop. The better off the individual is, the better off the nation is. What they're doing isn't criminally troubling, not physically harmful to you and yours so unless you're willing to let me pick garbage out of your shopping cart cuz it's "not good for you" based on MY standards, keep YOUR standards to you and your family and we can live in relative peace on this topic.

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