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Fuck Smartphones

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: July 26, 2019

To me, it's hard to believe that this entire article has to be put out there. You'd think people would recognize the side effects of these devices in your everyday life, but no, they persist to be more important as one's car keys. They'll even invite other nosy devices into their home like Amazon Echo and the like, but that's another topic. Corporate greed is at such an alarming degree these days that simply allowing the free market to speak for itself is something that is literally being analyzed for better marketing and profit. No, literally. You are being recorded whereever that stupid phone goes. It knows where you go, what you're talking about and if you install apps it might know your files and photos, especially if you upload them to the app so you can apply another stupid filter to your stupid face so you can post it on social media which is just more analytics for marketing. The greed cycle is all connected. From you, to social media that sells databases to corporate bidders, even foreign ones that run operations overseas but deal in American sales. It's clear the phone is smarter than the average person or you wouldn't let this piece of shit spy device in your home.

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This is what society is looking like and it's absolutely fucking awful

Morons smiling at stupid apps Ever get tired of looking around and seeing people just mindlessly staring into the phone? Probably not. You probably don't even notice them, you're one of them. Do you have social anxiety and use your phone to avoid people in public in fear that they might smile or say "hello" to you? Have you considered this cloistered life you've developed on your phone is making it so you're unable to mentally power past this issue? Do you feel like you're "living life" even though whenever you attend something you're watching the event through your phone's screen and recording shitty "HD" video with even worse audio? That's living? Nobody cares about your video either. Pull your junk out at the 30 minute mark and see if anybody notices (they won't). Live your life through your own eyes.

Too Many Permissions These fucking apps you install want everything. If they could prick your finger for blood they'd take it. Quit installing junk. Uninstall apps you're done using. Install a custom open source ROM. Read the fucking permissions these things are asking for. Angry Birds shouldn't need to know shit about you, yet it wants it. You're data, and you are a part of a database that could mean big profit for corporations that have no reason to know this much about you, but they do.

Hey Android users, want to shit your fucking pants? Here, click your Google Maps Timeline. You can disable this, but how many bottle caps you want to bet that this only disables the data from you and not them? I'd bid a few. They know ev-er-y-where you fucking go as does any app that you approve for location details. Whatever you do, don't use Apple products. It's overpriced trash that is made to break. Seriously and more money spent does not equate to more privacy, you're still fucked there.

Smartphone Addiction Smartphone addiction is real and you're likely affected by it. Dare to LEAVE that fucking thing at home when you go out. Society moved just fine without constant connection to the Internet and people. Your friends can wait until you get back, seriously. You don't need to be a dickhole who texts or calls people while driving. Seriously, fucking stop. It could be your ass,somebody else's ass or even your child. People have been so stupid they've left their kid trapped in a hot car, but they didn't forget the fucking SMARTPHONE. Are you KIDDING me? This is the most avoidable addiction ever and I sure as FUCK hope you're not one of those people who are critical of drug addicts while you flaunt your smartphone addiction in front of fellow addicts you encounter in everyday life. You are basically blowing crack smoke in front of everybody's face. Some people can't even eat a fucking meal without looking at their phone. STOP THIS!

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