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Facebook Is Full Of Fuckfaces

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: July 28, 2019

Facebook might be the cream of the shit crop when it comes to social media. Unlike other alternatives to the site, Facebook is unique in being full of staunch old people who cannot handle change. Mark Zuckerberg, owner and resident robotic human-like form is comfortable with this platform becoming a massive shithole because the advertising dollars are juicy. You name it and Facebook pushes it. You might see an ad for every store, restaurant, diet you're on, it's there. It doesn't matter if the products are shit either. They'll even promote Chinese knock-off bullshit cuz The Zuck can't say no to a single penny. He even collected from Russians who apparently interfered in our last election which hatched a fat orange retard for a President. The platform has become infected with poisonous political discussion while "the elite", the rich, the top 1% laugh at how you contribute to this machine and invent new ways to draw you in even deeper. Fuck this place.

Bald Eagle Murica If you see somebody with this cover image (American Flag + Bald Eagle), you've encountered one of the many pieces of shit that this site has in abundance. They'll often claim liberals have serveral mental illnesses like "TDS" (Trump Derrangement Syndrome), calling people snowflakes, cucks, shouting about safe spaces but the moment their ideas are rocked they are quick to become several of the labels they're running at the mouth about. They have no problem stepping into grade school insults like "Dumbocrats" and the like. They seem so pleased with themselves when participating in this behaviour even though they're often grown adults, often Boomers but also the younger crop (kids of Boomers) raising their own kids so they can teach and hone their own at being mentally deficient. These eagle fucking retards seem to be on the side of wanting less government so they stay out of our lives but have no problem entering other people's and never minding their own business. It doesn't matter what the topic is, if it's different from their thinking they are ready for a meltdown, be it different religious views, being gay or trans or simply respecting people's choices even if they don't harm anybody often proving they could really use the safe space away from "dem librulls" as if it's a virus they are afraid of catching. They criticize people's ability to handle a retarded reality TV star being President but as short as their memory is these are also the same people who melted down over the first black Preisdent previously as they constantly tweeted Obama the n-word.

Crying Liberal Now, if you thought I was gonna just give the conservative fuckbags a hard time, well, time's up. The liberals are no better. The neverending bickering is almost a mirror image of conservatives. They have dumbfuck insults for Republicans plucked directly from a grade school kids mouth like "republicunts" and again they are often grown people, typically younger but also owning the awful fact that they are likely raising children as well, contributing to pumping out more shitdicks for our eventual elder generation to deal with. They often claim they deal in hard facts that the common conservative just cannot grasp but are also guided by the misinformation super highway as they tend to stick to publications that will confirm their own biases and ignore any problems that their base may have. These whining cunts are honestly no different than conservatives except their ideas are an inverse of the other side. Between the two groups nobody has been maintaining the high ground since the election of "The Donald" even claiming that if you're Republican you are simply also a Nazi. Literally Hitler.

Jules Pulp Fiction If you're one of these fucking people, stop it. You can live better than this shit. You don't need to "pwn" some "retardicans" nor do you need to "git 'dem liberuls". This pointless bickering has made the platform intolerable for anybody on the sidelines and often people have either completely quit or escaped to some other form of social media.. not that I don't support leaving Facebook completely, especially if it's pissing you off having to see this shit. It's a platform in which capitalizes on your division of your fellow American. Facebook even goes so far as to notify you of "popular posts" of pages you have "liked" so you can fully engage in this garbage behaviour all day. You aren't winning anything engaging in this behaviour, Zuckerberg is. This piece of garbage is worth 75 billion dollars. Let that sink in, SEVENTY-FIVE... BILLION.. DOLLARS. Now think about how that stack of hoarded money was made on the back of your misery and trolling which is honestly just another form of misery.

Nazi 45 Symbol Now, let me be absolutely clear about some of this. Nazism still exists, forms of it still exist and when you see it you shouldn't want it in our country. However there is a difference between an actual Nazi and just some cunt who voted ritually for the side Trump happened to side with. Trump would've went Independent but he knew this two party system played heavily in the favour of picking one of the two, not trying to divide the vote. People are blindly supporting these "parties" and are excerising party over country and letting go of "We The People" and it's become cultism and "We The People Whom I Agree With".. or "Leave the country".. "Go back where you came from". You ALL look like fucking clowns and it's utterly sad this is a practice that in majority is participated in by grown adults. Get your shit together.

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