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Fuck Twitch

Written By: Human Raccoon
Date: June 7, 2021

If you edit your YouTube comments to say "holy shit, thanks for the likes" I'm pretty sure I hate you.

I've been pondering the laziness of internet creators a bit lately. Whether it be people on Twitch being paid to play video games for whatever reason, or people on YouTube making a "career" out of "reacting" to stuff, or whatever. It fascinates me that in a time where the internet could be a wild, wild west of creativity that it's becoming harder and harder to actually find any.

But another thing I've found interesting as of late, is a type of video that's actually pretty well put together. They're these little speech-pieces where a (usually British, for whatever reason) narrator will go down the rabbit hole of talking about some sort of internet personality and telling their entire trainwreck of a life story while there's all kinds of video edits going on, with a cartoon avatar of themselves occasionally popping on to give them some sort of physical presence.

It's odd that this structure exists for so many channels. I keep bumping into it. But what I find interesting about some of these types of shows is... they don't even edit their own videos.

Yeah. They just record the audio and then pass it off to someone else. Even SimpleFlips, a guy who plays Super Mario 64 on Twitch, passes off his footage to someone else to edit it together and throw on YouTube.

I'm baffled by this.

Video editing isn't even hard.

It's easier than I was in high school.

You know. Back when I was in that 50 Cent video.

Twitch 1

I hate Twitch. Watching generic people who have the charisma of a stained toilet playing video games isn't my idea of a good time.

None of these people are entertaining. I've clicked videos, streams, whatever. Boring fucking people with webcams, microphones, whatever. I don't get the appeal. I don't understand why you people are entertained by this.

It's one thing if you go over to your friend's house, and he fires up the PlayStation and you watch him play Spyro the Dragon for a while or whatever. But we're talking, you're alone in your fucking house, you could be doing anything. You could watch content that actually has creative energy and thought put into it.

But no. It's 2020. Creative energy isn't respected. In fact, it's quite frowned upon. I was shown someone linking to one of my videos on Reddit, and somebody said "whoever made that video needs serious help."

Twitch 2

Yeah. Trying to combine aesthetic, comedy and surrealism in a genine creative effort is now a mental illness. Before we called it art. But shitheads like this will watch people who do talentless shit like "React Videos." Because it's entertaining watching some guy listen to an Eminem song, slap the space bar and go "BRUH. THIS MAN JUST SAID---" every five seconds.

Creators who used to have fleshed out shows with scripts and acting now no longer produce those, and instead make blogs and plain-jane reviews of video games. It's like everyone gave up at the same time.

Dont you want entertainment to be better?

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