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Twitter's Dark Magick Brew

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 11, 2019

Twitter is at the forefront of social media sites, even lauded by those who use it as the alterative to the shithole known as Facebook. Social media in general is all shitholes but each tend to have their own special touch in how that shithole operates as well as who and what will be on the forefront of that website. Twitter tends to lean as a highly political social media site hosting many people who are constantly retweeting and posting about their most disliked political dicks. Is it quite as simple as a sparring ground for political opinions? No. It's got fish hooks and traps, similar to how Facebook used to have public discussion and trends always popping up on the side of the site these things have very specific purposes that create a person who might be considered normal into something akin to an escaped mental patient who jumped out of his padded room mid-medication time while he runs down the street shaking the shoulders of each person he encounters with some wild exclaimations.

Hashtag Twitter Everybody knows what a "hashtag" is these days. In my day we called them simply a hash or pound. Now these days the "#" symbol is widely recognized as a link which groups together numerous commentary about a particular topic. In of itself is a benign invention but it didn't take long for corporations to figure out how to leverage this against you. Most hashtags these days have several functions. One of the most common is campaigning for profit. This type of hashtag will often hide itself under a good cause but you'll find that grassroots campaigns set these up to become a brand and move to great recognition by any person. You've seen the many no doubt such as #TimesUp, #BlackLivesMatter and many many more. If it were as simple as a symbol of support they might not have such a pestering presense as they do now. These groups organize to manipulate the masses with short messages, as per Twitter's natural state each message can only contains 280 characters (as of 2019) and half of that prior to the change thus being able to call them a "tweet", much like a bird contains very little content. It doesn't take much to even make a deceptive message gain traction as the typical person these days is uninterested in being informed beyond very small datasets. These groups know this, there is finely calculated data to prove your habits.

Prescribed Outrage Like mentioned, if hashtags were merely vessels that good causes could gain ground they'd be less venomously described here. Instead, many companies and political teams craft these tools to launch what I like to call "daily prescribed outrage". You can wake up, look at that part of the site where things trend and suddenly you have your prescribed outrage there for your day. The tides change so fast it's no wonder people even forget or disregard what they were outraged about even a few days ago as they furiously tweet and create their own hashtags to express their outrage. These days you are bombarded with a world of difference and how you should be offended by it, even attacking what would mostly be described as "regional inconvenience". People who live in California are not typically the same type of people who live in Texas and their attitude about what the goings on are in their own states often scoff at some of the outrage being conveyed in these hashtags. Right or wrong, the Internet encourages all regions, all countries exist in a single space and if you're paying attention you're seeing the powder keg building critical firing power. From where we sit the "social media experiment" is a complete failure and it proves that every region cannot simply live under the same Internet based sun... but these companies know this and they use these tools against you as they profit from your anger, as you purchase your Trump "MAGA hat" parodies, shirts, etc. You are a tool for them to promote their hashtags which mostly have the inevitability of leading you to a paywall-esque (or literally) situation be it merch, a rally which will supply more for profit goods, a monetized platform, etc. All social media is using you, you're not using it. Are you as happy as you were before social media? Were you born into social media? You are selling your sanity to scream into an echo chamber to nobody in particular or fight with trolls.. some paid to be trolling you, causing more outrage.

Stay Asleep Other than this environment having it's slew of toxic users and corny outraged 20-somethings the platform itself is becoming, over time, more of a samethink tank. Jack has been moving to remove influential conservative figure heads from the site, mostly out of fear of criticism... he doesn't care. I'll touch on that in a moment here. It seems Twitter is moving to where the vocal won't have to be challenged by anybody who disagrees and often "cancels" people who overstep the boundaries of the status quo. Having an unpopular opinion is becoming less and less welcome on this platform as if these things are actually physically harmful to anybody who has to feel like what they believe should not and cannot be challenged. Reminds me of the days gone by when being communist had to be kept secret in fear of physical harm but nobody is technically being physically harmed here and most people aren't simply satisifed with blocking people. They seem more aimed at trying to take what they have as a form of payback.

I am Jack's complicity So what's Jack Dorsey's role in this? Nothing but profit, pandering to advertisers and corporations.. this is typical of social media dictators. Jack could end a lot of your suffering overnight. How?

1. Allow every user to verify using a service that doesn't store your information.
2. Allow everybody to block non-verified accounts.
That's it. The majority of the fire and chaos on this site is indeed caused by people who are using "alt accounts" or even paid trolls and bots. None of these people would be able to get their fake accounts verified. Being able to get you, a real person verified would allow this blocking system to be implemented with ease. Instead "verification" doesn't mean verification. It's a status symbol lazily given out depending what groups you belong to. I've seen hack journalists with just a handful of presence on the site have a checkmark. The checkmark system clearly is run by a "who you know" situation. Twitter even once claimed they would open the door to smaller businesses by adding a link to apply for verification. This link has been like this for over 2 years. Check Held Back "Check back soon!".. yeah right. I actually got in the door before they closed this link and sent them all the information they needed and they said we "didn't qualify" in spite of having a project that surpasses the popularity of many current checkmarks on the platform and nor is it a political project or even a site like this one, it's rather innocuous and a single "family friendly" topic for the most part. What they should've said is we're "not welcome". We don't actually have the correct circlejerk to be "verified". So the MEANING of verification on Twitter amounts to nothing. You are unimportant and Jack won't listen to my request about how to fix much of the headache caused on the platform. But, why wouldn't he fix the problem? People are addicted to Twitter because of many of the things I mentioned here. They feel the need to defend nothing with no benefit of accomplishment or promise of progress. That is why they keep you roped in to anger, outrage and political debate. Have fun blocking thousands of people as Jack sits complicit to how his site is melting down for the users.

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