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YouTube Is A Flaming Garbage Heap

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: July 24, 2019

Where to start? The redundant content? Cringe worthy humour? Pointless vapid assholes? The platform itself? How about what it does for original content? I'll tell you what it does. It BURIES it. Have you ever had an idea? Did you want to share that idea with the rest of the world? Well good fucking luck. YouTube will have you unboxing, let's playing, cooking food, top 10's, "reactions" (fake as fuck) "Is it worth it?" bullshit or start a podcast as you are basically forced to evacuate what was once a nice, small but original production. This shit is NOT encouraged. They want you to play the algorithm game.

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If you'd click this you probably have cancer

Hurrr This kinda face here, that's what works on YouTube. Taking your face and contorting it to possibly the most doucheworthy expression possible, perhaps outlining it too. Gotta outline it, that's the MASTER method of "making it" on this shithole. Bonus points if you have your friend on the opposing side of your thumbnail doing the same and congrats, you're a fuckin joke. If you don't fit into these select alloted categories and have a certain subscription count on this platform, you simply don't matter and it doesn't matter how much it takes from you as a person. They ENCOURAGE this. They want this bullshit version of a human being to become "the norm" because that's exactly what they push.

Hustle Harder He Says The veterans of the platform will preach the gospel of YouTube as well. This guy here, says "Quit crying and hustle harder" to struggling YouTubers as he's sitting on 10 years in the game and played to a great advantage before YouTube changed the rules of the game, and changed them some more so you, as a small or new production on the platform have an even more difficult time climbing up with your channel. If hustling harder is making videos about how to make it big on YouTube, basically "If I can do it so can you" bullshit videos then I hope YouTube burns to the fucking ground in a hilarious spiral of it's own veteran "content creators" (aka shit makers) complaining and whining that it's dying. They have no interest in helping you, know that. They only care that you click it. What worked for a YouTuber in 2009 will not work in 2019. They want to capitalize on your hopes and dreams and keep pumping out new yet same bullshit.


As you travel further down the toilet you'll see more content that YouTube encourages which is YouTuber drama channels. These hacks talk about other people. That's it. The platform gleefully promotes the downfall of any of it's own creators for the sake of shared ad revenue. It's a very popular subject and some YouTubers further down in the plumbing of the toilet have even changed their channels to embrace this medium of puke and shit. These guys always act like they are floating above everybody's crap while simultaneously being devious little pricks likely with just as much skeletons in their own closets as the people they talk about. Don't feed this guy, or any of these guys. Find some actual original programming.. it exists, I swear. You don't have to sit there watching obnoxious people with even more obnoxious voices being a copy of a copy of somebody else's obnoxious channel content.

Ew Ironic selection for this next image (ProJared reviewing Sailor Moon) aside (if you haven't seen the joke here, good, don't seek it out.. ugh), you'll find that a lot of these people you raise on a pedostal (ha) are actually awful fucking people. Maybe they didn't start out that way, but like many with position, power and perhaps some money it corrupts them and they start to use it for their own evil ends. It's almost never worth backing one of these fucking dingbats for one reason or another. Now, this really doesn't apply to everybody but you can see it in some if you're not jaded by being a big fan of them. Remember they are people and people are often awful pieces of shit when they can get away with it. For instance, I highly doubt AVGN would rape a puppy. He's probably a good guy overall... even if his channel has been sucking for what seems like now a majority half of his career (post AVGN movie).

I admit I was a fan of the gaming community on YouTube for awhile but things changed and people did some of the stuff I explained above and I moved on from these channels. I'm currently only subscribed to ten of what would be considered "YouTube Shows" and five that upload VHS tapes and old shows, nothing more. I've learned that habit watching things doesn't help and doesn't improve anything. In fact your vocal output is often ignored (positive or negative). They only look at numbers and if you disapprove of a show, say even on TV you are adding your +1 through your habit watching while simutaneously not exactly approving of it's quality. Stop habit watching anything you're done with. Don't wait for it to improve. Evacuate and show them with your numbers that this shit is fucking stupid. They will listen, at least the smart ones. If you watch unboxings, drama, let's plays, then that's what is gonna be the forefront of this toilet water. Force these people to improve or quit. Stop watching garbage. Oh, and don't subscribe to PewDiePie.

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