GOP & Democrat Money Grab Negativity Culture

The Party Is Over Because It Doesn't Exist

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: July 23, 2019

We're led to believe there is a two party system running this country, the Republicans and the Democrats, but that shit ain't the truth. There is a circle and they (the government) are all in on that side. The truth is there is an INSIDE and an OUTSIDE and YOU aren't on the INSIDE. The government has become more akin to a corporation. They pass laws, start wars and FUCK you over so their buddies can take advantage of all this unchecked money. The system is literally setup so people lobby those in office so they do their bidding while they are there for a large price tag. This system has been like this for a long time. You can watch a comical yet chilling take on this mechanism of shit in the movie "The Distinguished Gentleman".

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This is actually the entire movie. Reload if it disappeared, the embed is donkey dick.

Crook If there is money to be made, you can bet you don't matter if you're not invovled. Our taxes are required to be paid, on time, yet we have no way of seeing how that's spent. In fact, it's wasted, goes missing (TRILLIONS), and if they accomplish nothing there is absolutely no reprecussions except "hey, vote them out". Great right? Nope, even that shit is manipulated to play in favour of certain "parties". These fucking people will go from political seats to corporate board members, playing both sides so they can create the connections that are needed to get big time money spread around their buddies and themselves. This perpetual non-stop bullshit seems to bother nobody.

Toads These days everybody, I mean, everybody is involved in some emotional outcry about politics and aren't quite aware that the politicians themselves don't exactly treat it with the same passion and anger as the average voter does. They treat it more like a sport, like "oh ho, I guess we'll try to get you next time", meanwhile the entire nation melts down, begins dividing themselves by the party they are loyal to and attacking the opposing VOTERS. Yes, that's the stupidity of the country right now. People are more concerned with the feeling of being right than actual change and seemingly want to hold accountability on the voters rather than the corrupt toads in office.

Crying Shithead Sadly it's gone down an even more embarrassing slope. Each political side is so divided it's devolved into unclever insults, shit memes and a ton of satire pages (that some believe to be true) and propaganda spreaders. Nobody seems to care about lies as long as it's bashing the other side. I peep into this world and see grown adults (some alarmingly raising children) calling each other "dumbocrats" and "retardicans".. yes, we have arrived to first grade all over again except it's "adult topics". Nobody seems like they can direct their anger in the correct direction placing most of the blame on anybody that supports something they don't like rather than the people pulling the strings. They're even stupid enough to believe when a corporation politically "agrees" with them that they'll go SHOP at this fucking place "more" cuz oh boy, Home Depot is "Pro-Trump" or Target is "Pro-Democrat". What the fuck kinda logic is this? We're at the point of worshipping corporations that destroyed your local business by using invasion tactics. They will literally move near your local business, drop prices, expand selection and advertising and the lemmings will just run on down that cliff while your local economy eats a dick. Save a penny, lose small business, malls, quaint restaurants, you name it these dickfucks will mow it down and you cheer for them over a tweet. Now these same corporations that took over locally are dying because of Amazon. A company I'm sure some of you already worship like the good brainwashed fucks you've become. Amazon doesn't even pay taxes because of how the corporate tax laws are written, oh and don't try to wrap your head around it, it's so complicated that it requires specialized corporate lawyers to parse the fucked up system that they rake for breaks. You aren't entitled to the same special tax breaks. Instead they feed you peanuts and people cheer for it.

So So Angry So what now? Continue melting down? Becoming some drone who values Donald Trump over your own country and it's people? What would it hurt if you continued YOUR life? These fucking people aren't gonna stop the business. It will ALWAYS be business as usual. We will never have a "great" President. What we'll get is a media darling like Obama and the media will turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing. This will continue and you cannot stop it. They are the power and we are on the outside looking in. You can occasionally change the chess pieces but I promise you the game will never change. It's money. It's position and it has nothing to do with you and your life. You will survive "The Donald", you'll survive if he's elected again, you'll survive the next dickhead. Quit wasting time on Facebook roasting Mary who's been a loyal Republican for 60 years. Quit "gettin' dem liberals" and focus on you because you have devolved into somewhat of a mental illness.

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