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Mike Pence Is Worse Than Trump

Written By: A Monican Spy
Date: July 30, 2019

Ever see those old people on religious TV talking down to about every group of people that's different from them? Mike Pence is one of the viewers of these kinds of shows. You can tell. He hates everything that would give Pat Robertson nightmares. We've been a Nation of diversity that continues to expand that path and that scares them. These chucklefucks believe things like "white genocide" because of race mixing. They believe the "gay agenda" is being shoved down their throat and should be at war with gay people themselves even though they've likely never took the time to even know one to have a position against anybody. Not because the LORD disapproves or anything, that's a load of shit. It's THEIR agenda being shoved down YOUR throat. This league of fuckbags believes in dangerous things like "conversion therapy" for gay people so they can "become straight" and live life as some NPC with "heterosexual values".. whatever the fuck that is as this group is about as successful as screen window in a submarine. What they fail to understand is nobody wants these people in their lives.

Emporer Pence What's sad is people are so anti-Trump that they are willing to invite this guy to the Presidential seat. We've endured years of promises to both impeach and imprison Trump with zero progress on the horizon. If you're on Twitter you'll see these trends almost daily in the form of #ImpeachNow and #LockHimUp. Unfortunately the anti-Trump camp is so blindly thinking that they're not looking at the big picture. They may as well call themselves Americans for President Mike Pence. I know, this isn't exactly what they want. They must think impeaching Trump will suddenly turn the government into a Hillary based camp, but that's far from the truth. There is a line of succession and Pence is up to bat if Trump gets impeached. You're better off trying to get him out come 2020 elections.

Pence & Trump It's as if Pence had a plan the whole time. He knows he couldn't get elected by himself so he attached his tenticle to the "Trump Train" knowing full well it had the possibility of going off the rails and he's in Trump's ear. It was a long shot at best but the only chance this gremlin had. It's a strange reality to see the left camp almost begging for this guy to get his shot knowing fully well he is against almost any change to society post-1950. It's not too unlike most of the old guard that are gripping on to the idea of "values" as to why the common American should be scared of the litney of topics they spread panic about be it gays, transgender folk, immigration paranoia, Muslims, black people, etc. This is a group that is only looking out for itself and not so much protecting "We The People", our fellow Americans. They hide behind patriotism as a means to spur the fat cells of supporters of these people who've believed the paranoia.

Questionable Human This is how they want to "Make America Great Again". I'm not technically sure which era of America trying trying to bring back that was great either. It doesn't sound like the 80's and 90's, which was only good for some people, depending where you live, if you gained on the budding capitalism, how old you were and of course existing racial tensions were evident but not quite in the forefront of society when I was growing up. Not everybody would like that back but I can see why some do, including myself. I want the version of the 80's and 90's I grew up in to be available for all, not just me. The toads in office want us so repressed that we're back to women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Doesn't seem like the "progress" we should be seeking. Half the population being unskilled, talentless and unable to support themselves sounds like a burden more than progress.

Old Fucking People The solution to the conservative problem is simply time. A lot of old voters need to die of their old age and old ways. Even then you'll battle it out with their retarded offspring but at that point you have a better chance of outnumbering them. Maybe by then both political parties won't look like crying babies and we can "Make Politics Boring Again". I miss those times. I wouldn't be surprised if Pence was found sucking on the tailpipe of a sex traded little boy though.

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