Negativity Culture


Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: Sept 27, 2019

Nancy Guy Should've Been Her Husband This is about a tiny, yet significant problem that probably pesters a lot of people's mailboxes but never in my life has a political dingbat ever harassed my mailbox on a daily basis like Nancy Guy. It's a She. The first piece of paper had her husband on it and I laughed "Is he 'Nancy Guy'?". May as well be. Who cares. What's she to the big picture? Nothing. Another easy paycheck for another idiot if they get into office. They hit the usual "education" ticket... red paranoia. Who DOESN'T care about our children's future though? Yet we push a lack of education as a rule. If critical thinking ever hit the masses they'd be fucked. Instead make way for "Common Core" education and removing any idea of innovative topics like comprehensive chemlab in High Schools so they can move on to liberal colleges that will teach you how to be a reactionary retard. Teachers fudge how stupid their students are just to keep their jobs yet we have this pride in paying them more even if their own performance still has people coming in and out of this education system spelling "loser" like "looser", having no idea that there is three spellings of "there" or two of "your" and each have their own purpose and no, I'm afraid typos or "The Internet isn't school" isn't the reason they are the way they are. We foster stupidity and it's an honest reflection of the majority. They need to realize this before they are a victim to their own accumulation and reproductive excessiveness.

Fat Paper Nazi Nerd What's worse is the average health in America is so bad we'd vote in people who are here to take care of your interests when they don't even take the time to take care of themselves. This lady will be in a wheelchair in 10 years from her diet alone in the guise that she just works so so hard for the American people while making no progress with no reprecussion other than perhaps being voted out if voters actually cared about things beyond blue and red. If there was punishment for being such a failure of a politician we'd have less people running. Instead like the life of a weather man, for better or worse they get their 6 figure income even if it's for a short amount of time. When will America stop believing in progress as a political message? When they look around, for real, actually look. The bi-product of "education first", "no child left behind" is in front of your eyes.

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