Negativity Culture The Return of WarpedTV

WarpedTV: The Return - Episode 01

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 5, 2019

WarpedTV, a true testament to the creators thoughts on the YouTube to this day was left abandoned in it's infancy 12 years ago (as of 2019) due to hating the YouTube platform, it's "content creators" and the users. It closed operations with about 8 short videos chopped up with existing media and reusing it. Some videos were removed by YouTube. No longer confined by limitations of social media and advertiser pandering corporate platforms, WarpedTV has a new home with NegativityCulture.Com. Nothing is off limits and all videos are assumed to be "adult" to briefly explain the content before you dive in. You'll be greeted to rare, uncommon and classic clips from TV, commercials, movies and music videos. Some clips are repurposed and some are in a traditional "mixtape" format where it's a variety of stuff in succession.

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12 Years Later...
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