Negativity Culture WarpedTV Goes To HELL!

WarpedTV Goes To HELL! - Episode 02

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 12, 2019

In this mixtape we visit the depths of hell by taking a look back at mostly 80s and 90s "Satanic Panic" media that touts the fears of popular culture of the time and also some people that are clearly only into God for the profit of suckering easily led church-goers. Everything from music, TV, imagery, televangelists, movies and more. This episode is jam packed with the most ridiculous video we could dig up. Since during the VHS era of media religious groups were REALLY into making videos. After the dawn of the DVD they mostly all stopped releasing video for whatever reason. The market was literally flooded with so many religious VHS tapes that I likely own over 30 found locally around WarpedTV HQ and that's just the tip of the iceberg that's not even including the ridiculous TV broadcasts. This may be a mere first release of the Satanic Panic volume with so many things out there to review but due to time and wanting to only push around 30 minutes per episode we concluded with what's covered so far in this installment of WarpedTV... goes to HELL!

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WarpedTV takes a stroll down Blasphemy Lane
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